I’m Lindsay and I’m a stay at home wife and mother to three boys ages 7, 5, and 2. Never in a million years did I imagine I’d have a house full of boys! Coming from a long line of girls on both sides of my family, and being the ultimate girly girl my whole life, I had a much different vision growing up of what my future family would be!

Now instead of braiding hair and playing tea party I’m trying to prevent my living room from becoming the next set for American Ninja Warrior. My floors are littered with hot wheels and legos, it’s always loud, we can’t have ANY nice things, and there’s always at least a faint scent of poop lingering in the air.

Over the past few years (and several Disney passes and cruises later) we’ve discovered that we really love traveling as a family. There’s nothing quite like experiencing life and all it has to offer through the eyes of your children, and it’s become a major passion for me. Traveling with kids can be wonderful and rewarding, but it can also be exhausting and frustrating and I am here to share it all!

Throughout the past 7 years of traveling with the kids, I’ve been through some shit. I’ve seen some shit. I’ve smelled a lot of shit. Now I’d like to share some of that shit! Whether to pass on a few laughs to other moms who get it, or to pass along a few tips I’ve learned along the way out into the world. I’m basically still just a hot mess trying not to completely screw up my boys for life and hope that people will enjoy watching the mess unfold along with me!

I’m also a certified CLIA agent! Contact me at Lindsay@cousinsintravel.com¬†for help booking your dream cruise vacation!