Welcome To Our Crazy Life!

My life as a mom is nothing like I pictured it to be. For starters, coming from a very long line of girls on both sides of my family, it honestly never crossed my mind that I would find myself a mom of three boys! But thats’s just the tip of the iceberg. Life just seems to have a crazy way of not going the way you think it will, but instead winds up becoming exactly what you never knew you wanted.

I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I had a very hard time settling on a major in college or setting long term career goals because I just couldn’t picture myself doing anything other than being Suzy homemaker. Of course if I knew then what I know now maybe I would have thought twice (jk…maybe…probably not). My visions of motherhood, like most of the moms I know, were incredibly naive. I imagined myself living in a beautifully decorated, immaculately clean home. My kids would be well behaved and polite at all times. They wouldn’t know what tv was. They would eat freshly prepared organic meals loaded with fruits and vegetables and would never know the taste of mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, or *gasp* fast food! We’d spend our days crafting and going to playdates and doing enriching learning activities. They would also be impeccably dressed and clean with nary a hair out of place.

Bitch please

Six years and three sons later (plus the 34 year old man child and spitefully incontinent dog), my life is a beautiful disaster. Raising boys (and children in general) is nothing like I thought it would be! No matter how hard I try (and I do) the house is never clean for more than 10 minutes. I’ve given up on decorating because there is no point. Nothing in this house lasts without being destroyed. The TV is my number one sanity savor, and I don’t even want to admit to how much time they spend on their iPads and video games on top of that. I hate crafting with the fire of a thousand suns. Every time my kids even ask to paint or color my whole body cringes. I also totally fail at cooking. That’s a battle I’m still fighting and trying to win, but my kids are seriously the pickiest eaters on the planet. They live on chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, and happy meals. Basically, I’ve learned to let a lot of my preconceptions fall to the waste side over the years!

My kids are loud, hyper, wild, and sometimes have a very hard time remembering their manners. I often feel like a zookeeper just trying to tame the animals and keep them clean and alive. But they are also the best things to happen to me. They are my world. Three pieces of my heart walking around outside my body. I would lay down and die for them, these crazy little lights of my life. I’m learning boys can also be incredibly sensitive, sweat, caring, and affectionate. But it doesn’t mean that I have to walk through each day with a shit eating grin on my face acting like things are perfect and I’m blissfully happy and feeling super #blessed each and every minute. And that’s what I wanted this blog to be about. To share those moments of madness and imperfection. To be able to take a step back and see the humor in my situation. I hope you enjoy joining me for the ride!

5 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Crazy Life!”

  1. Love your new blog Lindsay!! You had me laughing this morning as I sip my 3 times already warmed up coffee! Can’t wait to read more xo

  2. What a remarkable person you are! So glad that you are imparting your life experiences to others. Through your real time experiences about being a mommy ( and an exceptional one at that) , you bring laughter and joy to us all. You can’t make this stuff up-right?
    We are SO very proud of you .

    Barbara & Howard (AKA bubbie and zaidie)

  3. I am so excited for you to do this! Your posts about the boys (34 year old one included) crack me up constantly, so I am looking forward to more!!

  4. Lindsay you are an amazing mother and never forget that. You literally make me laugh! And it’s not easy at times being a mom but it’s the best gift anyone can get. Keep doing what your doing.

  5. I’m so glad you chose to do this! And that I get to witness this beautiful chaos in person frequently! It’s been an awesome experience momming alongside you! Keep doing you because you’re damn good at it! ❤️

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