The Last Few Weeks of Babyhood

It came so much faster than I expected. Having been through it twice before, I know how fast that first year goes. How quickly that tiny, squishy, helpless newborn becomes a walking, talking, tantrum throwing little person. A toddler. But it’s almost here. My third, and most likely last baby turned 11 months old today. I posed him in his READ MORE

Thirty Something

Last week, I turned thirty four. T H I R T Y  F O U R. Ouch. When I was a kid I dreaded turning thirty. I saw thirty as being SOOOOO OLD. Like, the end of the line kind of old. I have vivid memories of my mom’s thirtieth birthday. Being a naive five year old I was so READ MORE

Stop Devaluing My Sons

This past weekend we took our monthly family pilgrimage to Costco. My husband had the two older boys in the shopping cart and I was pushing the baby in the stroller so we could divide and conquer. My husband was about 10 feet ahead of me when a woman started loudly screaming and waving at me from across a large READ MORE

Welcome To Our Crazy Life!

My life as a mom is nothing like I pictured it to be. For starters, coming from a very long line of girls on both sides of my family, it honestly never crossed my mind that I would find myself a mom of three boys! But thats’s just the tip of the iceberg. Life just seems to have a crazy READ MORE